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MiraJax Best Be Believing Music Video

MiraJax Best Be Believing Music Video:

MiraJax- Best Be Believing

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Front and Back Digipak
Front and Back Digipak

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Friday, 21 October 2016

R+P Post 21: My key shots storyboard

We created a key shots storyboard to allow us to draw out a rough idea of which shots are vital for our music video and in which order they should appear. Our timeline which we made prior to this really helped when it came to sketching the key shots because we already all had an understanding of the most important shots and sequences for both the narrative and performance aspects.

Key shots storyboard
Key for post-it notes:

Yellow - Long Shot
Green - Mid Shot
Orange - Close Up

Despite the storyboard images not being too detailed, everyone in our group knows what each shot indicates and will be very useful when it comes to making a shoot board for the rough cut and real edit.

The shot to the right is an example of a long shot which shows the artist in the studio being tied up to a chair. We felt this was necessary as a key shot because it is a literal interpretation of physical restraint, something that is referenced in the lyrics, and we have portrayed it in a powerful visual image.

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