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MiraJax Best Be Believing Music Video

MiraJax Best Be Believing Music Video:

MiraJax- Best Be Believing

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Front and Back Digipak
Front and Back Digipak

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Friday, 7 October 2016

R+P Post 16: My band or artist

Our duo is made up of one girl; Mira (aged 21) and Jack (aged 23) but together they are called MiraJax. This name was influenced by the existing duo who created the song we are using and they are called AlunaGeorge. The use of a girls name followed by a boys name allows for a simple artist name that recognises both people involved. I created collages showing the groups influences and inspiration for both Mira and Jack, these can be seen below.

Mira - colourful make up and clothes, wears brands such as Moschino, wears lots of jewellery, experiments with hairstyles, takes inspiration from Rihanna's outgoing nature and attitude
Jack - passion for djing, wears brands such as Stone Island and YSL, takes inspiration from artists such as A$AP Rocky and  Tyga who promote confidence and style

When thinking about each artist in our duo, Richard Dyer's 'star' theory helped us realise why we created each individual as we did. He suggests that stars represent certain attitudes that audiences can relate to which allows for them to create a star persona. Both Mira and Jack were brought up in London suburbs and haven't led easy lives. This is what has shaped them to be the people they are today and the attitudes they have, allowing our target audience who may have also faced difficulties to look up to them and feel inspired.

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