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Sunday, 25 September 2016

R+P Post 3: Music genres that interest me

Music genre is important in the music industry because it helps determine who the target audience will be, which leads to the decision of what sort of the image the artist should have.

I'm interested in a variety of different music genres and listen to different music depending on my environment for example, when going out with friends I would probably listen to UK garage and jungle music but when at home I enjoy hip hop.

UK garage is becoming more and more popular among the youth, with many artists on the scene such as Oxide and Neutrino and DJ Luck and MC Neat. A garage song which I particularly like is called 'A Little Bit Of Luck' by DJ Luck and MC Neat. Below is their song on SoundCloud.

I also really like Chase and Status who have produced UK garage songs as well, such as one called 'BLK & BLU' which has a music video that actually ended being one of my group's reference points. Chase and Status' music often gets played at parties and is popular among people of the same age as me so we thought it would be a suitable reference point. Below is their song on YouTube.


As a group, we researched Chase and Status' music a little bit more and discovered that they also have songs of the electronic genre and this led to us looking into this genre a bit more, until we came across AlunaGeorge's songs which are mostly electronic and synthpop.

AlunaGeorge's songs all have a similar electronic instrumental to them which I find very catchy and fun to listen to and so now I listen to more of this kind of music in my daily life, whether I'm on the bus or at home. A song that we all liked a lot is called 'I remember' and the music video for it also intrigued us as it shows the relationship between a girl and boy which is something that we are incorporating into our video as well and so we can take ideas from it. Below is her song 'I remember'.

The Uses and Gratifications Theory has a component called 'Cultural Transmission' and so the electropop genre appeals to me precisely because of this. It is an upcoming music genre in UK music culture and is becoming more widely known which is the reason I discovered it in the first place and now listen to it daily.

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