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Friday, 12 February 2016

R+P Post 18: Our Test Shoot

Before we were able to actually carry out our test shoot, we were given a lesson on how to set up, use and pack away the equipment that we would be provided with - this consisted of items such as the camera, tripod and batteries. After this, we had to make sure we got a form signed by both ourselves and our parents, ensuring that would take care of the equipment and face the repercussions if we failed to do so.

Next, we had to make sure that all actors knew the time and place we would be meeting and what their specific roles in the film would be (most of our actors are just extras to fill up the party). We decided that costume would not be required for the test shoot, but we explained what would be expected for the main shoot.

During our test shoot we encountered some issues, for example the lighting wasn't very good and the footage was coming out grainy which we wanted to avoid. So we discussed this with our media technician an decided that some extra lighting equipment might be necessary in order to get clear shots. This was our main problem, and other than that, we worked effectively to get all our shots taken. We recorded some behind the scene evidence. 

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