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MiraJax Best Be Believing Music Video:

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

R+P Post 5: How we plan to attract/address our target audience

Our film opening shows a montage and continuous sequence of rebellious teenagers, all of different ethnicities, at a house party. The first shot the audience sees is a master shot of the party, plunging them straight into the action, allowing our target audience (both genders, ages 15-24) to immediately engage with what is going on, and can identify with the content in our film. We will have loud music playing with a heavy beat from the very start to draw them in further as this is common to the type of music the youthful generation listen to. Due to there being people of different genders and ethnicities, we hope this allows for everyone to feel involved. The film is a gritty, British indie film and gives it a certain type of social realism to which all can relate.

Moreover, the male that is being abused by his girlfriend is seen to be vulnerable and in a weak position, not conforming to the 'hyper-masculine' rules that have been made up by society, So for this reason, we also hope that our film can appeal to boys who feel targeted by social conventions and stereotypical gender norms, as they can witness a male who rebels against these by showing his emotions.


This Youtube clip shows a scene from Human Traffic where members of the friendship group are all in a club together. It helped to show us some editing techniques we might use later on to speed things up and slow this down as well as making things out of focus, to really present a party atmosphere that is quite distorted.

Kidulthood is a film which involves teenagers of different ethnicities who are battling problems in each of their lives. It appeals to their target audience because of the hard-hitting issues that are raised (e.g a 15 year old getting pregnant) and which the viewers can relate with. It is also London based like ours, and so proved to be a good reference point.

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